About Our Program

Our host families are wonderful! They (and their families!) come in all shapes and sizes. Some have children at home, some don't. Most are married couples, but some are single. Some familes have stay at home moms, some both parents have full time jobs. 

What they all have in common is.....they love students! They love learning about another culture. They love sharing their own culture. They love making new friends. They enjoy including someone in their holiday traditions. 

All of our host families are Christian and every day they practice what they believe. Host families always invite students to be part of celebrating Christmas and welcome questions about their personal beliefs. Our host families never try to convert students to Christianity.  

Some of our host families have their student with them 24/7. If both host parents work, the student either comes to our daily program at Hinkletown Church or spends the day with program leaders. 

We can guarantee that students will meet lots of family members, eat lots of good food and experience a real American Christmas! 


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