Things To Do in Lancaster

Keep in mind that your student is sharing your family life. You are not obligated or expected to play tour guide or entertain with expensive outings. This is a list of possibilities, not expectations!

Choose activities that naturally fit your family and include your student. Be yourself and invite your student along with you in your daily activities. Spending time together running errands, shopping, cooking and visiting others. Socializing at extended family gatherings and church activities is never wasted time.

As you answer questions about Christmas celebrations, you will have many opportunities to share your faith. If you want to network with other host families and share activities, contact other host families that live near you. If you are going somewhere and would like to take another student along, by all means, invite another student.

Here is a partial list of possible things to do. We recommend calling for more information regarding operating times and admission fees. It is impossible for us to keep up with details.

Intercourse Area
Things To Do Around Lancaster
Other Tours/Activities

Day Trips (if you’re really into being a tourguide)

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