Program Activities


Meet other students and host families for an international buffet and games. Students will prepare a dish from their home country and host families will bring an American dish. All tableware, including chopsticks, and serving spoons are provided. We will take a group photo and maybe play some group or table games. This event is hosted by our sponsoring church, Hinkletown Mennonite and takes place in the fellowship hall.


A drive through scenic Lancaster County will introduce you to the Amish way of life. Our day will include stops at the Mennonite Information Center, souvenier shopping, a farmers' market, and an Amish farm.

At the Mennonite Information Center we will view a film and walk through an exhibit telling the history of the Mennonite religion. There is an excellent bookstore with accurate books about the Mennonites and Amish. The gift shop has craft items from around the world. These are "Fair Trade" items and any purchase you make directly benefits the producer. 

Amish and Mennonite vendors sell food and crafts at the farmers' market. You can buy something for breakfast here, like soup, coffe or cookies, fruit and snacks. You can sample traditional cider, pickles and baked bread.  

Free time for shopping is at Kitchen Kettle Village. Watch the ladies make jelly and pickles, sample the yummy sweets and sours, taste a shoo fly pie or a whoopie pie. See the quilts at Old Country Store, owned and operated by Sue's family. There are t-shirt shops and other souveniers in this little village of stores. Maps will be provided.

At the Amish farm, meet the family, pet the cats and have a buggy ride. We will eat a traditional Amish wedding supper. Afterward the family will sing for us. If you have a song to sing or a poem to recite in your native language, the family would love to hear it.

Please wear comfortable shoes for walking and no short skirts for girls as the Amish family is very traditional. We will eat our evening meal around 4:00. This tour is open to the Harrisburg CIH students and to all host families.

This tour is complimentary for all registered CIH students. Host familes are welcome to join this tour.  


You will travel by train to Philadelphia and meet one of our host parents who used to be a tourguide in the historic district of Philadelphia. The tour is based on the interests and enthusiasm of the group, so each tour is different! In the past the group has seen the Liberty Bell and Independance Hall and has had a carriage ride through the historic district.

This tour has lots of outdoor walking. Wear comfortable shoes and warm clothing (coat, hat, scarf, gloves). Bring money for entrance fees, meals/snacks, shopping and train fare. We suggest $50.





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