If your host family is a home-stay, almost all of your activities will be with your host family. You will be part of your host family's traditional holiday activities and celebrations. We can guarantee you will meet lots of family members and have some great meals with lots of good food.

Home stay students are required to attend our International Dinner and our Lancaster Tour. See our "Program Activities" for descriptions of the tour and dinner. You and your host family can decide if you wish to meet other students in the program and possibly share activities with other host families. Some families will visit nearby sites or cities, others will include you in their ordinary lives.

In our Part-time hosting program you will stay with your host family in the evenings, on weekends and on the Christmas and New Years holidays. Each day your host family will take you to the Student Activities Center is at our host church, Hinkletown Mennonite Church. There you will meet other students and your program director will have something fun for you to do each day. Some of our activities will feature local customs and traditional crafts. We will also go shopping and visit nearby places of interest. You and your host family will be part of our International Dinner and you will be required to attend the Lancaster County tour.

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