Trip Cancellation
At any time before your visit, if you need to cancel your CIH plans, let us know as soon as possible. There are always students looking for host families and if you do not come, a host family is disappointed and another student is deprived of the opportunity to be in the program.

Traveling To Lancaster
After you are accepted into the program, you can start making your travel arrangements. When they are finalized, email us with your updated information.

Try to arrive between 8am and 8 PM. Bus service is available to Lancaster, PA or Reading, PA via Greyhound or Capitol Trailways. Rail service is available to Lancaster, PA through Amtrak.

The closest airports are Harrisburg International Airport and the Lancaster Airport. Be sure to check with your host family that they can pick you up!

Changes in Plans
On the day you travel, be sure to have your host family's cell phone number or other telephone number. You might need to stay in touch with your host family if your travel is delayed or changed. This is very important!  

Learning About Lancaster
Some web sites about our area that you may want to visit are:,, and

December weather in south-central Pennsylvania can be from 10-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain, snow, sleet or freezing rain with wind are all possible. If you have outdoor clothing for cold, wet weather, it is good to bring it.

Contacting Your Host Family
We hope you contact your host family before meeting them in person for the first time!  Facebook, text and emails are a great way to get to know each other. 

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