Why CIH?

Here's what our host families and students have to say....

 "Hosting a student brings the world closer together"

"It's welcoming and loving someone who is far away from their own family"

"It gives us an opportunity to 'show' Jesus to them. Ususally the 'showing' prompts questions, which we are more than glad to answer." 

"The past two weeks were wonderful! She was a delight and I think that we both learnded so much about each other's cultures" 

"Though it was only 2 weeks, I really cherish the time with my host family" 

"Thank you for everything! I had a really good time with your family. Your delicious meals made me happy! I never forget your kindness." 

"The last two weeks I spent with you and your family have been one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life. Being so far away from home, I can never remember feeling so close to home before! It is amazing how two weeks ago I never knew you guys and now I can never forget you."

"Thank you for treating me as family and sharing the love and affection with me. I'm going to miss your wonderful family very much. I hope we meet again somewhere, someday."



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